Oct 11, 2018

Dr. Michael Gunning with Jay Taylor of Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks

Oct 11, 2018

Dr. Michael Gunning with Greg McCoach of The Mining Speculator

Aug 14, 2018

VR Resources updates exploration progress at copper-gold project in Nevada

July 16, 2018

VR Resources exploration hones in on copper-silver veins at Junction project in Nevada

May 29, 2018

VR Resources completes acquisition of property in Nevada, expanding scope of gold exploration

May 18, 2018

After 4 years of exploration, VR Resources begins drilling at 'exciting' Bonita property

Oct, 2017

Bonita Property

Sept 22, 2017

"Bonita" Jordan Roy-Byrne and Mike Gunning from VR Resources Ltd

Sept 16, 2017

Metals Investor Forum Sept. 2017: VR Resources Ltd.