VR discovers diamonds in two separate intervals in Hole 003 at Northway,
600 metres from the discovery in Hole 001.


September 28, 2023, Vancouver, B.C.: VR Resources Ltd. (TSX.V: VRR, FSE: 5VR; OTCQB: VRRCF), the "Company", or “VR”, has received complete results from caustic fusion and mineralogy for all three drill holes completed into the kimberlite breccia pipe complex on its Northway property in Northern Ontario.

Figure 1. Photos of microdiamonds 63m and 220m below the top of the kimberlite pipe in NW23-003.

Microdiamonds were recovered in 2 separate intervals within drill hole NW23-003, the last of the three first-pass drill holes into the 1.2 km magnetic anomaly at Northway. The intersection spanned 354 metres of kimberlite, for 723 kg of sawn NQ (47.6mm diameter) sample material. There were no microdiamonds in 173 kg from NW23-002. Attributes for all four of the microdiamonds recovered in Hole 003 are the same as the microdiamond in Hole 001:

  • transparent, colourless;
  • clear, free of inclusions, and;
  • fragment of a larger diamond.

A +106 micron microdiamond was recovered at 335 m, with 3 additional +75 micron diamonds found from 488 – 510 m (Table 1). They are hosted in pyroclastic kimberlitic breccia, KPK rock, characterized by:

  • Concentrated chrome-diopside xenocrysts (core photographs in Figure 2);
  • Xenoliths of dunite, pyroxenite, and glimmerite (core photographs in Figure 3), and;
  • Autoliths of KPK rock (core photographs in Figure 4).
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